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Embark on a journey that transforms your passion for event and floral design into a career that captivates the most discerning clients. De'Veilope Events presents an exclusive online masterclass led by The Designer Himself, Demetris Faison, a renowned planner/designer, a maestro in the realm of luxury events and floral design. This class is not just a course; it is your gateway to redefining luxury and excellence in your craft.



This meticulously crafted virtual masterclass gives you 24/7 access to insider knowledge and skills honed over years of experience in the luxury event industry. Each section accompanied by practical activities is designed to elevate your understanding, creativity, and business acumen in the luxury market.


Getting Started and Personal Branding Discover the essence of your unique brand and how to make luxury clients see themselves in your work.


Beyond the Basics Learn to find inspiration in everyday life, develop a supportive team, and strategically use social media to showcase your luxury designs.


Luxury Defined Dive deep into what luxury really means and how to embody it in every aspect of your business, from client interactions to your design studio's ambiance.


Strategic Execution Master the art of selling to and servicing luxury clients, ensuring every detail reflects sophistication and elegance.


The Designer's Reflections Gain exclusive insights from Demetris Faison himself, reflecting on his journey, the concept of luxury, and how to consistently exceed expectations.



Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, with 24/7 access to class materials and video lessons.



Benefit from Demetris Faison's extensive experience and success in the luxury event and floral design industry.



Each lesson is paired with practical activities and real-world applications, ensuring you can implement what you learn immediately.


Join a network of like-minded professionals striving for excellence in the luxury event sector.

Let's begin...
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